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Choosing the Right Material For a Construction Project

Prepare Your Carport for a Cyclone With These Tips

by Frank Lynch

A carport can be a great place to keep your car relatively sheltered from the elements, but if a cyclone is forecast, you may need to take special steps to secure your vehicle and your possessions. If the wind is blowing or getting ready to blow hard, use these tips to secure your carport.

Make Sure Installed Correctly

This is a step you should ideally take care of long before there's a cyclone in the forecast. When you install your carport make sure that it's anchored to the ground. Opt for professional installation to ensure it's done correctly, or if you put together your own carport with a kit, make sure that all the nuts and bolts are tight and that the legs are cemented into the ground.

If necessary, add extra concrete around the legs of your carport before the storm comes. This is especially important if you have a carport that's partially attached to your home. If the wind rips up on the carport, it could tear a hole in your home.

Trim Trees

If there are trees overhanging your carport, try to find time to trim them before the storm comes. In particular, get rid of dead branches that are likely to come off during a storm. This helps to ensure that the branches don't fall on your carport during the storm.

Anchor Items Inside the Carport

If you store bicycles, tools or other items in your carport, you may want to anchor them for the storm. In some cases, you may want to bring some items inside. In other cases, you may want to plant a metal ring in the ground and stabilize it with concrete. Then, you may want to wrap a chain around your item and through the metal ring. That helps hold everything in place.

Cushion Your Car

When it comes to cyclones, it's not always the wind that's the issue. In a lot of cases, it's what the wind is blowing that presents the problem. To prevent your car from getting battered by flying rocks or debris, consider cushioning it. If you have a padded car cover, that can work. Alternatively, blankets or heavy pieces of foam such as surf boards can help. In addition to covering your car, cover anything else that you're worried about getting damaged in the cyclone.

To get more tips on preparing your carport for a cyclone, talk with a carport specialist.



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