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Choosing the Right Material For a Construction Project

5 Questions Before Your Home Is Built

by Frank Lynch

It is helpful to have a checklist for every stage of the homebuilding process so that nothing important escapes your attention. This article discusses some of the questions that can help you to generate a checklist of what you should pay attention to just before you sign the contract for construction to start.

Do You Have a Filing System?

Make sure that you have developed a filing system to help you to keep track of all the documentation that will come your way when the construction project begins. For example, you can design a spreadsheet to list all the important documents, such as mechanical system designs, which you should receive at each stage of the project.

Have You Visited Display Homes?

Construction work should only commence on your home after you have visited and inspected several display homes by several new home builders, including the builder you have selected. Ensure that your home has the features that caught your attention when you visited the display homes.

Are You Contented With The Dimensions and Types of Materials?

Go through the details of the different materials that will be used to construct your home. Make sure that you are satisfied with the dimensions and quality of all the materials, such as flooring materials and siding. It may be helpful for you to ask a professional not aligned with the builder to advise you about the selected materials.

What Is Included In The Price?

You should never assume that the building contract covers all aspects of the home. For example, some building contracts don't include the cost of walkways and driveways, while others cover those components. Go through the fine print of the contract so that you know whether you will have to provide extra resources for some aspects of the home or not.

Are Materials Available?

Some of the materials that you selected may not be readily available in your area. Find out the lead times required by the suppliers or manufacturers so that you can note down when orders for those items should be made as construction is underway. This will prevent project delays attributed to the lack of the specified materials.

Have a checklist of the entire home building process from the design stage to the final walk-through. That checklist will be crucial in ensuring that you give ample attention to each aspect of the building process promptly. Enlist the help of an expert in developing this checklist if you need assistance.


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Choosing the Right Material For a Construction Project

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