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Choosing the Right Material For a Construction Project

How to Care for Your Wood Window Frames

by Frank Lynch

Wood-framed windows are a popular choice for many Australian homeowners because of their natural beauty and rustic appeal. However, these windows require extra care to keep looking pristine because they are highly susceptible to harsh weather elements like rain and direct sun exposure. If you are looking to install wood-framed windows in your home, here is an inside scoop on what you can do to ensure they keep looking good and last longer.

Keeping the wood clean.

Because the frames on wood windows are outward-facing, they tend to easily accumulate dust and other types of dirt. Dirt build-up can hide blemishes with the wood and should therefore be removed regularly. You will require a soft-bristled paintbrush to wipe down the dust on your frames. Thereafter, you can use a lint-free cloth or rag lightly dampened with wood preservative to remove any remaining dust and make it easier to inspect the wood for damage. It is important that you steer clear of water-based cleaning solutions because they may damage your wood.

Dealing with cracks.

With prolonged exposure to sunlight, window wood frames can develop cracks. These cracks will encourage moisture absorption, which will, in turn result in rotting. Once the rotting process begins, it is irreversible and may spread fast. Where the cracks are small and no rotting has taken place, lightly sanding the wood with sandpaper and then applying wood sealer will help remedy the problem. But if rotting has already occurred, the damaged wood will have to be completely removed and replaced with filler material before wood sealer is applied.

Sealing the wood.

Wood sealer is normally applied on the exteriors of wood window frames to act as a protective barrier against inclement weather elements. Over time, however, the protective coat can degrade and stop being effective at its job. For this reason, wood sealer will need to be occasionally re-applied to protect the substrate wood from damage. Although there is a whole raft of wood sealers considered to be suitable for exterior wood, it is best to stick to manufacturer-recommended wood sealers and to follow the manufacturer's guidelines on how to apply a sealer.

With these maintenance tips, you should be able to keep your wood window frames looking nice for a longer duration, thus increasing the return on your investment. For more information, feel free to get in touch with a contractor that specialises in maintaining wood windows.


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