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Choosing the Right Material For a Construction Project

5 Qualities of the Best Equipment Hire Companies

by Frank Lynch

An inexperienced person may have difficulty with selecting the best equipment hire company from the dozens available in his or her area. This article discusses some of the attributes that such people should look for when narrowing their options of equipment suppliers.

Demarcated Areas

You should visit the premises of the different equipment hire companies that you are considering to do business with. Conduct a visual inspection of their yard to confirm that they have clearly distinct areas for the storage of equipment that is damaged or due for inspection and the equipment that is ready for hire. Hire-ready equipment should have inspection tags or other documents stipulating when that equipment was checked and found to be defect-free. Avoid renting equipment from a company that mixes inspected equipment with equipment that is due for servicing/inspection because you may unknowingly select equipment that hasn't been readied for clients.

Needs Assessment

The best equipment hire companies also devote time to discussing the needs of a client before renting out any equipment to that individual. Be wary of rental firms that simply ask you for what you want and then give you a quote for that equipment. You may end up renting what isn't appropriate for your project if the company doesn't find out what your needs are before hiring out the equipment to you.

Written Instructions

You should also do business with equipment hire companies that go out of their way to explain how the equipment you want should be used safely. Those verbal explanations should also be backed up by written information, since you may forget the safety instructions provided verbally.

Practical Demonstrations

The best equipment hire companies also offer practical demonstrations of how a client should use the equipment that he or she wishes to hire. This practical demonstration is particularly useful if you intend to operate the equipment yourself. The practical demonstration also showcases the capabilities of the equipment and its components, such as attachments. In this way, you will be able to make an informed decision regarding the necessity of renting the additional components being recommended.

Appropriate PPE

Find an equipment hire company that can also provide the necessary personal protective equipment that you need when you are using the rental equipment. This will save you from the risks of procuring your own PPE that may be inappropriate or be of a lower quality.

Ask an experienced person for help in screening the equipment hire companies in case you are uncertain about how to apply the suggestions above when selecting the best provider.


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Choosing the Right Material For a Construction Project

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