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Choosing the Right Material For a Construction Project

Detached Garage: How to Design Ideal Timber Roof Trusses

by Frank Lynch

If you are planning on building a detached garage, you should design the right roof framework for your new structure. The quality of the design will determine the strength of the roofing. If the roof is weak, it might fail prematurely, causing damage to the parked vehicle and other stored items. It is also crucial to note that the internal roof framing will affect the appearance of the new structure. Under ideal circumstances, you should hire an experienced roofer to design and install your roof trusses. If you are interested in performing this process as a DIY project, you should consider using these practical tips for an ideal roof truss design.

Check Local Building Codes If you are building a small garage in your home, it might be exempt from getting approval from the local council. However, some rules must be followed in the construction of outdoor structures, regardless of their size. These codes and specifications are designed to ensure that the final building is safe. You should be particularly keen on the regulations imposed on the roofing. An insecure roof might fail prematurely and cause injury or property damage. Check on the specifications of the type of wood that can be used for framework construction. For example, the local code might provide details on minimum timber size, wood moisture content and treatment. You should also determine the specification for truss connectors. 

Decide on Your Roof Pitch You should decide on the best slope for your roofing if you want to design an ideal structure. The steepness of the roof will have an impact on both the appearance and the functionality of the detached garage roofing. For example, a very steep roof might be too prominent in its design. Consequently, it will detract from the beauty of the rest of the home. On the other hand, if a garage has an almost-flat, inconspicuous roof, it might not drain water correctly during the rainy season. For the best results, you should evaluate your home design, local climate and personal preferences before choosing a suitable roof pitch.

Measure the Structure You should measure the size of your planned detached garage and calculate the correct dimensions for your planned roof trusses. Often, homeowners do not perform strict measurements for the roofing framework before purchasing or building. As a result, incorrect cuts are made, and materials are wasted. Therefore, you should be diligent in making sure that your truss framework dimensions are correct before proceeding with the roofing design.

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Choosing the Right Material For a Construction Project

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