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Choosing the Right Material For a Construction Project

How to Turn a Stainless Steel Tube Into a Wall Wine Rack

by Frank Lynch

If you're restoring your home and you like industrial-inspired looks, you may want to integrate some stainless steel into your design. Stainless steel can be great for appliances, kitchen countertops, railings and a host of other applications. However, you may also want to turn a stainless steel tube into a fun wine rack for your wall. Here are some ideas to help you get started.

Holes for the Wine Bottles

To visualise the stainless steel pipe wine rack, imagine a stainless steel pipe mounted to the wall. The pipe has a number of holes in it. You simply slip the neck of the wine bottles into the holes, and the bodies of the wine bottles extend out from the rack.

To give your wine bottles extra stability, you need to cut holes in both sides of the stainless steel tube. Two holes give the neck of the wine bottle the support it needs to hold up the body of the wine bottle. You can ask the manufacturer of the stainless steel tube to cut the holes, or you can do it yourself with a carbide hole cutter.

Slanted Storage

Some stainless steel tubes wine racks feature holes that are completely level. As a result, the body of the wine bottles sit at a 90-degree angle from the tube, and they are parallel to the ground. However, you may want to consider slanted storage instead.

With this approach, you place the necks of the wine bottles into a hole on one side of the tube, and they slant through the tube until they come out the other side through a hole that is slightly lower. This slanted design gives the bottles more stability, and it looks neat.

Beyond that, this arrangement helps to ensure that the corks of the bottles stay wet. When the corks are moist, they prevent air from getting into the wine. If the corks are allowed to dry out, they shrink, and that allows air into the bottle, which ruins the wine.

Mounting the Rack

To mount your stainless steel tube wine rack, you will need to find a stud in the wall. If you just put the rack into the gypsum board, it won't be able to hold the weight of the wine bottles.

Then, you need to put the hardware through the top and bottom of the tube and into the wall. You may want to use extra washers to create some space between the stainless steel tube and the wall. That creates extra room for the wine bottles.


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