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Choosing the Right Material For a Construction Project

The Subtle Signs of Hidden Water Damage in Your Ceiling

by Frank Lynch

A healthy ceiling is vital for the safety and luxury of your home. Left undressed, an injury from a water damaged ceiling can cause major damage to your home.

Leaks from your ceiling can stay hidden and without much evidence but will also leave you with a completely damaged roof and a huge repair bill. Wondering how you can spot water damage in your ceiling? Here's how!

Stained ceilings

If you spot a large or a small discolouration on your ceiling, you may have a leak. When water leaks into empty cavities, it will gradually saturate and manifest as a water stain in the affected area.  The area may appear yellow, brown or copper in colour.

Unpleasant Odors

Hidden residual water from a leak stagnates and fosters bacterial growth in your ceiling. This produces an unpleasant, earthy smell that indicates unseen water damage.

Mould growth

While some water damage signs may not be obvious, mould growth is a clear indication of water damage in your ceiling. Mould can be very dangerous for your household and needs to be handled as urgently by a qualified restoration specialist.

Mould will start growing on the surface of your ceiling with the right amount of moisture and humidity from water damage. If you notice an area of your ceiling that may be growing mould, its best to fix the source of the problem as soon as possible as mould can cause serious health issues.

Swollen/bubbled surface

Swelling or bubbling on your ceiling is clear evidence of a problem. When your ceiling appears like its bulging out, it means there is an accumulation of moisture in the ceiling materials.

Eventually, the ceiling becomes deformed by the added weight of the water-soaked on the surface. In drastic water damage situations, the ceiling can collapse in that specific area, posting a safety hazard.


Sweating is a type of water damage usually associated with the HVAC system. While sweating may be a simple annoyance, it can also damage the surrounding ceiling system over time.

The discolouration from sweating will appear a little darker than the paint and often presents itself during the start of a water leak. Sweating calls for immediate action to prevent the problem from worsening.

If you suspect water damage in your ceiling, its best to call capable ceiling fixers to ensure that the damage is properly corrected. Restoring a water damaged ceiling requires restoration expert to ensure everything (insulation, structural integrity, etc.) is back to code.


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