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Choosing the Right Material For a Construction Project

3 Benefits of Acquiring the EWP License for a Job Seeker

by Frank Lynch

With non-residential building activity set to grow over the next three years, you should expect competition for jobs in the construction sector to get tighter. It is especially the case if you are an aspiring EWP machine operator because boom-type elevated platforms are a necessity in construction worksites today. As a fresh college graduate, you might be wondering how to get ahead of the competition and secure employment with a building contractor. Gaining an Elevated Working Platform license is one sure way of gaining a competitive edge over other job seekers. This article highlights benefits you can achieve by securing the EWP license.

Employer Trust -- Cases of accidents caused by improper use of aerial lifts are common in construction sites. When such incidences occur, constructors incur a lot of losses concerning the loss of personnel and property, litigation expenses, and compensation claims. As a result, contractors are always on the lookout for candidates that are trained in boom lift operations. Therefore, equipping yourself with the EWP license guarantees you a position in a shortlist for interviews. An operator with the EWP license can earn the trust of a prospective employer, which increases chances of employment.

Higher Salary Package -- In the construction industry, personnel are paid according to the type of work they handle. Since EWP machines come in different sizes and technologies, the license puts you in a position where you can operate the latest aerial lift models, which works in your favour. With competition rife, EWP equipment manufacturers are always developing new technologies to appeal to construction contractors. As such, if your EWP license is up-to-date, then it shows that you can operate the latest models. Employers would be willing to offer an attractive salary package since the EWP license is proof of competence.

Proper Work Planning -- Most people believe that EWP training solely involves practical on operation and maintenance of aerial lifts. While practice forms a considerable chunk of the training, candidates also train on other vital skills, for example, the ability to plan for activities around a work site. Planning is critical when using a boom lift. For instance, you must carefully evaluate the equipment's route. Simply roaring the engine and starting work without a proper plan might get you in trouble due to poor efficiency. Part of the planning involves working with other personnel on a worksite to establish the best possible routes and positions to operate EWPs.


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Choosing the Right Material For a Construction Project

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