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Choosing the Right Material For a Construction Project

Plywood Products

by Frank Lynch

Plywood is a type of wood that has been engineered from manufactured boards such as particle board (chipboard) and medium density fibreboard (MDF). Plywood bind resin and wood fibre-sheet cells are thin, strong and long to make up a composite material. There are various plywood products available and include the following.


Hardboards are a type of plywood that can be perforated, standard, oil tempered or white painted grades. Hardboards are used in covering of floors but can also have varied applications which include cladding and paneling. Hardboards are very easy to fix, cut and an added advantage is that they can be painted to match your preferences.

Brazilian Plywood

Brazilian plywood is usually comprised of both softwood and hardwood plywood. They are manufactured in the wide range of thicknesses and sizes. There is also medium density overlaid which are good to use for concrete formwork.

Chinese Plywood

There are Chinese hardwood Faced Panels which give the user good quality face veneer. The cores which are popular make the plywood lighter than panels which are of a similar nature to other hardwoods. The Chinese plywood surface is good for veneering and painting.

Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF)

Medium density fibreboards are comprised of a dense core which is uniform and a smooth surface making it very suitable for molding, cutting, and machining. Medium density boards are also used in the manufacture of furniture and can also be laminated, painted or veneered to provide a huge array of finishes. Standard medium density fibreboards are not suitable when panels are in contact with moisture. In such an instance the MDF MR grade can be utilized.

Softwood Plywood

Softwood plywood is fit for use in temporary hoardings all the way to high quality concrete formwork and flooring. Panels which are of cheaper grades are not suitable for demanding applications. Panels which are of top quality are usually too expensive to be used in general purpose work.

Russian Birch Plywood

Russian Birch Plywood is usually available in a wide assortment including thicknesses, veneer grades, and sheet sizes. Russian Birch Plywood is used widely in packaging joinery and applications. The quality of the veneers which is consistent and its multi-laminated construction ensures the stability and strength of the panels are guaranteed.

Speciality Plywood

Speciality plywood such as French Okoume plywood is used widely in joinery which is of high quality. Flexible plywood is also used in joinery and is available in a cross and long grain.

Far Eastern Plywood

Plywood products that are sourced from the Far Eastern are sourced from tropical hardwood and are manufactured in Indonesia and Malaysia. There is a full range of grades and sizes which include CE2+ panels that are available for use.


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Choosing the Right Material For a Construction Project

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