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Choosing the Right Material For a Construction Project

House Construction: How to Store Your Timber Trusses on the Site

by Frank Lynch

Under ideal circumstances, timber trusses should be installed immediately after they are delivered to the construction site. This practice ensures that the roofing framework is set up while the product is in its best condition. Remember, trusses are manufactured in a controlled industrial environment for optimal performance and stability. Continuous exposure to unfavourable conditions can cause some deterioration before installation. Unfortunately, in the real world, immediate installation upon delivery is not always possible because of unexpected issues. Therefore, you will need to store the trusses onsite for some time. If this is the case for your home construction project, you should consider using these storage tips for the safety of the timber trusses and the ease of installation.

Protect from Moisture

If you are planning on storing the trusses on your work site for more than a few days, you should protect the members from the harsh environmental conditions. This process will ensure that the timber does not become wet. Moisture can cause a lot of damage to trusses. It might change the shape of the trusses, and the wetness could promote mould or mildew growth in the future. You can cover the timber using a tarp or other protective sheet. When you do this, you should leave the ends open to allow for proper ventilation. Without sufficient airflow, the cover could trap moisture. 

Elevate the Trusses

If you must place your trusses horizontally for some time, you should take steps to stabilise the frames. In general, if the timber members are left in this position for a prolonged period, they might experience some lateral bending. This distortion could minimise the strength and performance of the framework after installation. Also, if they are placed against the ground, they will gain moisture from the soil. Therefore, you should elevate the trusses after delivery. You will need to some strong blocks which can support the frames and place them at intervals beneath the timber structure. This action should keep the trusses in good condition until installation.

Place in a Convenient Area

Finally, you should choose a suitable place on your work site for the storage. If you do not select your storage space with care, you will experience a lot of inconvenience during your construction work. Ideally, you should choose a spot close to the house under construction. This choice will allow for easy access when the time for installation comes. However, you should not place the trusses too close to the building activities because they might interfere with movement and reduce productivity. 


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Choosing the Right Material For a Construction Project

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