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2 Popular Window Films For Your Home's Older Style Window Glass

by Frank Lynch

Windows are a vital element in a comfortable, functional and attractive home. They provide light, give you a valued view of the outside world and are often a decorative feature that increases the aesthetic appeal of both the interior and exterior of your home. Unfortunately, windows can also be the most vulnerable feature of a home, particularly older style glass that was made decades before the advent of modern glass that is more secure in many ways.

If you'd like to decrease the vulnerability of your home's older style windows, then you may think that you'll need to replace them entirely. Fortunately, window films can dramatically improve the performance of your windows without the costly replacement bills. Here are two popular window films and what they can provide for your home's windows.

1. Security film

The modern glass that's made for residential windows is made with safety and security at the forefront. Most glass is now toughened, through both heat treatment and by the polymers that are included during the glass manufacturing process. This makes them safe and secure, resistant to both injury by your loved ones or forced entry by would be burglars.

Old glass provides neither of these attributes. The glass is brittle and easy to shatter, either by accident or design. A security film added to one or both surfaces of the glass will dramatically enhance the safety and security your windows provide. The film makes shattering the glass a much more difficult task, and if a child or adult falls onto the glass, the film will keep dangerous glass shards safely encapsulated.

2. Insulating film

Another attribute of modern glass is its effectiveness in reducing the amount of heat transference from the inside of your home to the outside world via the glass. Modern glass is generally insulated from within or by a coating that's applied after the glass is manufactured. Older style windows don't have this ability and can make your windows a prime culprit for heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer.

By adding an insulating film to the old glass, you'll make a vast improvement on your windows' insulative properties and your home's insulation overall. This film can also cut down or eradicate entirely the number of harmful UV rays that enter your home via the windows. UV rays can wreak havoc on fabrics and furniture and, more importantly, can cause dangerous sun damage to your family's skin.

For more information on window security films, contact a window service near you.


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