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Choosing the Right Material For a Construction Project

2 Stylish, Contemporary and Personalised Splashback Materials To Consider For Your New Kitchen

by Frank Lynch

For many Australian homeowners, the kitchen is the most important room in the home. It's a space to cook, entertain, socialise and partake in family activities. For this reason, most renovators spend more time and effort on planning and implementing a new kitchen design than they do in most other rooms combined.

Modern interior design is no longer a one-size-fits-all approach to home decor. These days, there is much more scope to add personality and have some fun with kitchen features than ever before. One of the best ways to imprint your personal style and taste in your new kitchen is through your choice of splashback. Although this is a relatively small feature it can have a big impact on the look of the space.

While variations on traditional tiled splashbacks are still popular, there is now a wide variety of different materials that are also available. Here are two fun, stylish, versatile and contemporary kitchen splashback materials that you might like to consider.

1. Decorative pressed metal

Decorative pressed metal is most commonly associated with stately manor houses that used this material to create ornate ceilings. However, it's enjoying a renaissance as an edgy, striking and modern material for kitchen splashbacks. You can choose from a range of metals, such as aluminium and copper, and opt for a simple or more elaborate design.

Metal splashbacks look amazing but they're also a practical choice. They're strong and durable and very resistant to damage from heat and moisture. They also make it easy to change the look of your kitchen in the future by either resurfacing or adding a powder coating in a colour of your choice.

2. Glass

Glass is a material that is enjoying enormous popularity as a splashback material. It's cost-effective, low maintenance and easy to clean. It also provides a seamless finish that prevents dirt, mould or bacteria from building up in the joins like other splashback styles. Glass is also a highly reflective material, so it will bounce light around the room and brighten up the room.

Glass also gives you a great opportunity to add some personal flair to your splashback. You can add a coat of your favourite paint colour to the wall behind it or even add a vibrant and colourful wallpaper. Some people even opt to have large-scale digital photos added to the wall behind the glass for a completely unique and customised look.


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Choosing the Right Material For a Construction Project

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