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Choosing the Right Material For a Construction Project

Why Frequent Professional Septic Tank Cleaning Is Essential

by Frank Lynch

If you use a septic system, all the wastewater that exits your home is directed to a large concrete or steel tank buried outside the home through a pipe system that connects to sinks, bathtubs, laundry machines and toilets. These tanks are called septic tanks.

Regular cleaning of the tank by a professional septic service is recommended to remove scum (buoyant materials like cooking grease, oils and fats) and sludge (the heavy solid waste, mostly sewage from toilets, which settles to the bottom) that accumulate inside the tank over time and may cause drainage problems.

Here's a look at other reasons why frequent tank cleaning important for you.

Get to know about your tank condition.

You use your household plumbing every day, but it is your septic tank takes the brunt of it. All the wastewater exiting your home is directed to the tank, and a lot of things can go wrong without you knowing. Things like invasive tree roots can damage your tank, while soil movement causes it to stop working properly. 

Frequent cleaning allows you to keep tabs on the condition of your tank. Once the contents of your tank have been pumped out, your septic tank cleaning professional will visually inspect the tank and let you know if they've uncovered any issue regarding its condition. 

Although a visual inspection only isn't as thorough as a full inspection, it can help you avoid some costly problems down the road and also increase the lifespan of your tank. 

Get professional advice on septic tank care.

In the course of cleaning your septic tank, the tank cleaning professional will want to know how you use your septic system. Everything you pour down the sink or flush down the toilet will impact how well the system operates, so you had better make sure the only right things go down your drains. 

Food scraps, cooking grease or oil and waste items like cigarette butts, feminine hygiene products, baby nappies and used condoms don't belong in your drains. If your tank cleaning professional sees the wrong waste items in your septic tank, they will politely ask you to desist from disposing the items down your drains. They can even suggest how you can dispose of such waste.

Now that you're aware of the benefits that septic tank cleaning professionals bring to the table, consider hiring their services when it's time for your regular tank cleaning.


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