The Right Materials

Choosing the Right Material For a Construction Project

Materials to Include and Exclude When Building a Low-Maintenance Custom Home

by Frank Lynch

Constructing a custom home, without a doubt, is a goal that most people aspire to. And once you get the chance to do so, the financial freedom that comes with not having to pay rent anymore can be exhilarating. Nonetheless, owning a home does come with its own set of challenges. One of the major costs that you will have to bear is the maintenance of the structure. While leaning towards materials that are attractive at the onset may seem like a great way to achieve the finishes that you want, you should note that some supplies could cost you a substantial amount of money down the road, either to restore or to replace. To avoid these costs, this piece examines the materials that you should include and exclude when constructing a custom home.

Exclude timber shakes and siding

Wood is one of the most commonly employed construction supplies. However, it is also one of the most labour-intensive materials when it comes to its upkeep. While siding is great for enhancing the thermal resistance of your home, timber siding is bound to split and warp over time, and this will mean having to replace it after a few years. Additionally, while shakes have an astounding visual appeal when freshly installed but they will succumb to Australia's weather changes in a short time. Maintaining the timber supplies on your home build, granted, will prolong their lifespan. But you also have to consider the amount of time and money you will have to spend on the upkeep of your custom home build.

Include concrete and natural stone

Concrete has remained relevant over the past decades due to its undeniable durability. Nevertheless, some people will want to steer clear of concrete when constructing their home build under the impression that it will detract from the kerb appeal of their residence. In truth, there have been technological advancements in the manufacturing and finishing of concrete that have made this material an attractive option in current times. Finishes such as acid staining or stamping provide you with the ability to create stylised looks with your concrete supplies, which will definitely add visual interest to your custom home build. Natural tone is another material that remains a classic option for construction applications. The one thing to not about natural stone is that it can be quite expensive, so only choose this material if the costs suit the budget of your new home build.

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Choosing the Right Material For a Construction Project

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