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Emergency Plumbing Services for Tankless Hot Water Heaters

by Frank Lynch

There is a misconception when you have a tankless water heater that emergency plumbing issues with the heater are reduced. Though this is true when you compare tankless systems to traditional hot water heaters, it does not remove the need for emergency plumbing. Here are some plumbing services you will eventually need if you own a tankless hot water heater and what you need to know about each service.

Leaking In and Outgoing Plumbing

A tankless water heater takes the water from an incoming plumbing line and heats it as it is needed. The incoming plumbing line is generally connected to the main plumbing of the house. As the water is heated, it is passed through an outgoing plumbing system to its destination, such as a shower. If the incoming or outgoing plumbing has a leak, this could cause severe water damage and a breakdown of the tankless heating system. It can also cause your energy bills to climb if the water is being heated and leaking at a continuous rate. If you find a leak in either of these plumbing areas, contact your emergency plumber immediately. They can locate the issue, fix the plumbing and check for any further damage to the water heating system.

Mineral Buildup

You may find that your water is not flowing as well to your location or that the water pressure is decreasing. If this is the case, there could be a mineral buildup at the site of the tankless system. If a mineral buildup happens it can clog and harden the pipes causing a weaker flow of water. If left unattended for too long, it can also cause issues such as rust or clogs that can breakdown the pipes and cause water damage and costly repairs.

System Overload

One of the issues you may not experience with a traditional water heater is a system overload. With a tankless water heater, since the water is not kept in a tank but flows through the system instead, too much demand can be a problem. For example, if you have demand from the dishwasher as well as two different bathrooms in the house, it can be too much strain. It can cause the system to overheat and seize. You will need an emergency plumber to reset the system. 

When you find yourself in need of one of these services, contact your emergency plumber. They can also help with other plumbing issues you have, including leaks, broken pipes and leaking hot water systems or HVAC units. If you have questions about pricing or the repair process, they can help you with those issues as well.


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