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Choosing the Right Material For a Construction Project

Three Rooms That Benefit From A Skylight

by Frank Lynch

When it comes to renovating your home, modifications that increase natural lighting will have a dramatic impact on your home's ambience and feel. A certain way to inject more daylight is via a skylight. While you can install these almost anywhere, some rooms will particularly benefit. 


In the interest of privacy, many bathrooms have small windows that can leave them feeling dark and confined. Adding a skylight is an ideal way to bring in extra daylight and open up the space, vastly improving the ambience. A roof opening potentially lets in more than three times the light of a vertical window of the same size. While a skylight receives direct illumination from the sky, a vertical window receives reflected light rays—from the ground, the fence and other outside objects. For better control of mould and mildew, a venting skylight is best as it will help to release steam and humidity.


A kitchen is another space that benefits from a vented skylight that can release steam and smoke to keep the area fresh and clean. A bright, open room with plentiful daylight across the countertops will create a pleasant, comfortable space in which to cook and relax. Additionally, a skylight will typically disperse light more evenly than a vertical window, decreasing the chances of dark spots or corners. Different kinds of glazing can produce various effects; for instance, frosted glass softens glare for gentle illumination. To get the best result for your kitchen, you can choose from many other customisation options also. 

Attics or Lofts

Converting the space under a pitched roof into a loft space is a popular remodelling project because it is a way to create extra bedrooms or living areas. However, the wall structures in these areas don't usually allow for standard windows, so designs typically use slanted skylight windows to provide outside access. Abundant illumination is central to these types of spaces to avoid them feeling cramped and confined.

Because hot air naturally rises, adequate ventilation is particularly crucial for lofts, which are at the apex of the building. This skylight window can help to aerate your entire home, as all the warm air throughout will travel upwards to the highest point. If you open the skylight, warm air will exit, allowing more air to rise in its place. By opening a vertical window that is lower on the building, you can create a circular flow of air that enters through the vertical window and exits via the skylight.

For more information, contact a skylight window manufacturer.


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Choosing the Right Material For a Construction Project

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