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Choosing the Right Material For a Construction Project

Ways To Make A Kitchen Appear Roomier When Renovating

by Frank Lynch

While the actual dimensions of your kitchen may be set in concrete (or brick or stone) you can make design choices to give the impression of a larger space. Here are some ways to visually push back the walls when you're undergoing home renovations.

Decorate With White

White surfaces reflect light, brightening a room and making it feel more spacious. Use different shades across cabinets, benchtops and walls to create a seamless space without contrasting colours that break it up. Creams and off-white tones mixed with varied textures will add warmth and interest; for instance, include tiles, timber and natural stone.

Install Glass In Cabinet Doors

A row of cabinetry effectively functions as a wall, enclosing an area. One way to push that 'wall' further back is to install glass doors, so your eye line continues beyond the cabinet front. This works best on upper cabinetry, but only consider it for neat displays or less-used items. Providing a viewpoint into a busy shelf has the reverse effect. Frosted glass is one option that obscures sight—plus it adds a decorative finish.

Minimal Window Treatments

The more natural light that enters your kitchen, the larger it seems. So make sure that window treatments don't block brightness—unless, of course, you need privacy. Clean-lined blinds or shades are better than fussy coverings filled with detail. Matching the blinds to a pale wall paint colour gives a seamless impression that enlarges the room. Other options are to install a skylight or a glass window splashback to allow in extra illumination.

Combine Surfaces

Blending the benchtops and splashback into one by using the same material eliminates the visual break between the two planes. For instance, you could continue the same natural stone across both to create a sense of flow. Alternatively, install a back-painted glass splashback in the same hue as the wall to minimise the transition between the two surfaces for an expansive feeling.

Large Floor Tiles

In a small room, you may be tempted to install small floor tiles. But this will have the reverse effect, creating numerous joins that add visual clutter. Instead, go with larger-format square tiles of about 60 centimetres. The seamless, smooth surface will give the impression of greater distance. 

De-Clutter The Countertop

An array of toasters, blenders and utensils scattered across a benchtop gives a cluttered appearance to a kitchen. Such a space looks overcrowded as if there's not enough room for everything. Maintain clear counters by installing appliance cabinetry and building enough storage. Don't make the mistake of eliminating much-needed cupboards to save space.


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Choosing the Right Material For a Construction Project

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