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How Do Wear and Tear Manifest Themselves in Your Gearbox?

by Frank Lynch

Many people rely on cars to run personal errands such as taking kids to school and getting to work. They have become an essential part of people's lives to the extent that some people rely on cars as a source of income. Taxi drivers are a good example. For this reason, it makes sense when you insist on taking good care of your vehicle so that it can always serve you. Good care translates to the proper maintenance of the most important parts of the car, including the gearbox. In this article, you will learn about some common ways that wear and tear shows itself on your gearbox:

Abrasive Wear

Abrasive wear is one of the common ways that vehicle gearboxes wear down. It occurs as small grooves or circular marks on the surface of the plates and cogs in the gearbox. Typically, abrasive wear is an indication that contact is not happening properly in your gearbox. Contaminants in gearbox lubricants and transmission oils are often to blame when your gearbox experiences abrasive wear. They contain foreign particles that distort proper contact between the gearbox components.

Corrosive Wear

Corrosive wear occurs because of the action of unwanted chemicals present in the gearbox. The chemicals combine with other elements in the heart in of the gearbox such as friction and heat. They eat into parts of the gearbox and deteriorate the surface of the metal parts. Some of the notorious chemical agents responsible here include chemical contaminants on gearbox lubricants and moisture accumulating parts of the gearbox.

Moderate Wear

The term moderate should give you a hint of the subtle nature of this type of corrosion. In occurs in minute trends that are you cannot detect easily with an amateurs eye. However, the patterns become more prominent, and the effects more devastating as time passes.

Moderate wear manifests itself in the addendum sections of the gearbox. The addendum is the radial area extending between the top of the teeth, cogwheel and worm wheel of a gear. Moderate wear leaves patterns indicating that the contact between parts of the gearbox is not happening correctly. In most cases, moderate wear results from having inadequate lubricant in the gearbox.


Frosting also affects the addendum areas of the gearbox. The wear and tear marks resemble frosted drops on the surface of the gearbox, forming small pits. Frosting normally occurs when there is excess heat in the gearbox, which breaks down your lubrication film. It must be replaced by a gearbox specialist.

Reach out to a gearbox repair shop to learn more.


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