The Right Materials

Choosing the Right Material For a Construction Project

Which road base supplies do you need?

by Frank Lynch

Whether you are landscaping your garden, creating a new pathway or building a road, you can't afford to choose the wrong aggregate for the concrete you install. While you can't always see aggregates once the project is finished, they have a vital role to play in ensuring the safety and security of your building work.

How aggregates work

When making concrete, an aggregate can be used to reduce cracking and to increase the strength of the structure. If you are constructing a railway or a road, then using an aggregate is the best way of evenly distributing the surface load. Aggregate also creates the right drainage environment so that the water runs off of the road and the surface does not become waterlogged.

Which aggregates do you need?

Aggregates vary widely, and what may be ideal in a residential garden may not be ideal when used in a road base. When making your choice, it is helpful to know what types of aggregate are available and how they might be used.

Decorative pebbles - Many homeowners appreciate the aesthetically pleasing effect that pebbles can provide when placed among garden plants or as part of a water feature. Pebbles up to 20mm in size can readily be purchased in a variety of colours and sizes to perfectly suit your garden environment.

Aggregate for concrete - Clean recycled rock is a common aggregate which can be included in concrete mixes in pathways, driveways and in a variety of drainage applications.

Cracker dust - Aggregates which have been crushed extremely fine can be used as a base layer for synthetic grass and similar applications, as well as being used on walkways and driveways.

Other road base supplies - Natural stone is a great choice for road base supplies as are similar recycled materials, which are often used as a cheaper alternative. Whether you need road gravel, recycled asphalt or lime and cement, your supplier will be able to suggest the right supplies. Aggregate of this size can also be used as a levelling material under pavers and slabs.

How much aggregate should you use?

One of the biggest challenges facing anyone purchasing roadbase supplies is working out how much rock, sand and other materials they will need to purchase. If you are having difficulty determining the needed quantities, then your local dealer will be able to advise you. All you need to do is explain the width, length and depth of the area you wish to fill with aggregate, and they will be able to explain how many bags or tons of road base supplies you need to purchase.


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Choosing the Right Material For a Construction Project

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