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Choosing the Right Material For a Construction Project

Retail Fitout Tips

by Frank Lynch

A well designed retail space can significantly improve the flow of customers into your store. It is a sure way to grow your brand image. Below are some retail fitout tips to help you improve the customer experience in your store. 

Store Layout

A proper layout will help customers locate items inside your store. Create a map of where you would want to place the various products. You could use aisles or small cubicles. As a rule, you should ensure adequate walking space. Otherwise, your store could become crammed.  

Each section should be dedicated to a specific category of items. The store layout can help lure customers into purchasing a particular product. Achieve this by placing the most profitable or appealing items at the front of the store. The counter should have sufficient space.  

Interior Fixtures

Use the walls to improve the appeal of the store. For example, you could hang portraits or paintings on the walls. Alternatively, you could have floating shelves with live or artificial plants. Wallpapers are an effective way to customise each of the store sections. For example, if you run a jewellery store, you could fix a wallpaper highlighting watches in the watch section. 


Lighting is a vital aspect of modern retail fitouts. It can significantly improve the allure of your interior space. Use accent lighting to highlight items that you would want the customers to purchase. Task lighting will help illuminate areas such as the entrance, counter and changing areas. These areas require more light compared to the shopping area. Ambient lights will help create a comfortable atmosphere inside the store. They could range from recessed lights in the ceiling to chandeliers and wall scones. 


As a rule, your retail store should have amenities such as washrooms. With adequate space, you could have a small lounge. Customers can enjoy a glass of water or wine at the lounge. They could also watch TV, connect to the store's Wi-Fi or read their favourite magazines. 


The storefront is the first thing that passers-by and customers will see when visiting your store. As such, it must be attractive. Signage will help customers to identify the store from a distance. You could also install an awning to create shade at the front of your store. Glass windows and doors will attract customers into your store. Plant some flowers and bushes to make your store stand out. 

When creating a retail fit-out, consider the store layout, interior fixtures, lighting, amenities and the storefront.


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Choosing the Right Material For a Construction Project

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