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Choosing the Right Material For a Construction Project

Should You Replace Or Repair Your Commercial Fridge?

by Frank Lynch

Many companies around Australia use a commercial fridge in one aspect of their business. Not only are these fridges stronger than their residential counterparts, but they can also hold more items and are used for far more diverse reasons, from food storage to vaccines. Because of their increased size and power consumption, equipment failure is a little more common than you might like. So how do you tell when it is time to give in and replace your commercial fridge or if it can still keep going on repairs alone? Here are a few deciding factors you should keep in mind.


If you are still under the original warranty of your commercial fridge, then it is almost never a good idea to waste that advantage and end it early. These warranties will entitle you to far cheaper or even free commercial fridge repair, allowing you to spend your money in other areas of the business without potentially having to spend tens of thousands on a new fridge. If you have a lot of problems with your fridge and it is still under warranty, you might want to talk to the original manufacturer about the quality and see if you can get them to renovate it due to the issues you're dealing with.

The Same Component Or Multiple Failures

If the issue in your commercial fridge can be traced back to the same component time and time again, then there is no reason to replace the whole fridge. There is clearly an issue just in a localised area that a good commercial fridge repairman could diagnose. Perhaps this repair might take a little more time, but stripping out your whole commercial fridge and replacing it will take even longer and cost more. If the issues with your fridge range from insulation to the coolant and the piping, then it might be time to consider overhauling the whole room.

How Are You Using Your Fridge?

Even a commercial fridge is only rated to hold so much product. A mistake that many business owners make is simply loading up their fridge too much and then getting surprised when it won't reach the desired temperature. The next time a commercial fridge repair is needed, ask the professional whether they think you have too much stuff in your fridge or not. If you need to keep that much product stored in your fridge, you may need to upgrade to a bigger size, or stronger cooler. 


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Choosing the Right Material For a Construction Project

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