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Choosing the Right Material For a Construction Project

Why More People Are Leaning Towards Structural Steel Wall Frames

by Frank Lynch

While structural timber wall framing is by far the most preferred method of building exterior and interior walls, the use of structural steel has been on the rise in recent decades. This house construction trend can be attributed to the fact that steel frames offer unique advantages that are not possible with traditional timber.

If you're considering jumping on the structural steel wall framing bandwagon, check out these fantastic advantages that it can deliver.

Structural steel boasts high strength

Good quality walls must have sufficient tensile and compressive strength to withstand the live and dead loads exerted on the walls of the building. This makes it possible for the walls to provide adequate support for the building's roof, ceiling, and floors while keeping the space enclosed by the walls fully functional.

While timber is a great choice for wall framing, it may not be able to hold up well against the strongest forces that can be exerted on the walls of a home. Owing to structural steel's high strength, it can serve as an excellent timber alternative in wall construction applications where maximum strength is required.

Structural steel lasts long

Durability is another reason many people are considering structural steel wall frames for their home construction projects. These wall frames do not warp or rot like timber. They also don't crack like concrete.

The only major threat to the durability of homes built using the structural steel framing method is rust damage. The good news is that numerous steel coating technologies are available for making structural steel products rustproof. This adds to their durability.

Structural steel is a sustainable choice for homes

While the manufacture of timber wall frames can be sustained by sourcing timber from managed forest plantations, it involves cutting down mature trees.

Trees replenish oxygen supply, clean the air with their leaves, and create a natural cooling effect so you don't have to run your air conditioning system too hard on hot days. Given the ecological value of trees, the use of non-wood construction products that have a lower impact on the environment is highly favoured.

While structural steel wall frames have a higher embodied energy than their timber cousins, they require less maintenance and last longer. Plus, they can be recycled without losing their initial properties. These factors make structural steel wall framing a sustainable choice for home builders and owners alike.

When it comes to building the exterior and interior walls of your new house, there are various types of wall frames to choose from, but structural steel framing is increasingly becoming a preferred choice and with good reason. If you'd like to learn more about your wall frames, feel free to contact a construction expert. 


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Choosing the Right Material For a Construction Project

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