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Choosing the Right Material For a Construction Project

Why Install Modular Decking?

by Frank Lynch

If you want to install a new timber deck in your garden, then you don't have to use traditional timber planks. You can use a modular system instead.

How does modular decking work? What are its benefits? 

What Is Modular Decking? 

You buy modular decking in pre-assembled panel kits. Each panel contains multiple boards in wood or a material of your choice. These panels are typically square or rectangular. They come in various stock sizes, and you can order customised sizes from some manufacturers.

Some homeowners use panels in a stand-alone design. For example, they might create a small, stepped deck by installing individual square panels in a line. Others put them together, kind of like a jigsaw, to create the size and shape of the deck they want.

A modular kit contains everything you need to create decking. So, your order will also include supports such as sub-frames, adjustable steel supports or wooden legs.

What Are the Advantages of Building a Modular Deck?

If you want a fast decking build, then modular decking is a good option. These products are easy to install and don't need a lot of preparation work.

For example, if you build a regular deck, and your garden isn't even enough for the build, then your contractor will have to do some excavation and levelling work before they build your deck. They might have to pour or install concrete foundations or supports.

Your contractor can only start installing your decking and finishing it once the ground can hold the structure. Your decking will take longer to build, and your costs will be higher. You'll have more material and labour costs to factor into your budget.

Modular decking is a lot easier and faster to install. These panels can sit on uneven ground. If you buy supports with levelling legs or posts, then your contractor can change the height of each panel to fit its underlying surface.

So, you can create a flat and even deck without a lot of ground preparation. Your contractor simply needs to make sure that the ground under the deck is compacted. If they do recommend extra support, then you're unlikely to need more than a regular concrete paving base.

Plus, an experienced contractor can fit modular panels together fast. Their larger size covers more ground, so your deck will take shape quickly. You'll save money on materials and labour costs, and your new deck will be ready to use quickly.

To find out more about building a deck, talk to a local deck builder.


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Choosing the Right Material For a Construction Project

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