The Right Materials

Choosing the Right Material For a Construction Project

4 unexpected projects a civil engineer can do

by Frank Lynch

You might think that civil engineers have a pretty restricted role on your construction site, they just design highways and make sure that buildings do not fall down, right? Civil engineers take on many years of advanced training, picking up hundreds of useful skills, hours of experience and additional knowledge along the way. If you have hired a civil engineering firm just to do the basics, keep your architect from getting too creative or just to make sure you are meeting regulations, you are wasting a valuable and untapped talent on your project.

Civil engineering firms have vastly expanded their skills and services over the past few years, so now is the time to reevaluate the work they are doing for you, and apply their analytical and structured brain power to solve a wide range of creative problems you have on your site. Here are just four projects that a civil engineering firm will be able to help you with.

Find out if your next project is worth the time

Civil engineers can be brought on right at the start of any development project to help you understand whether the project is feasible in the long term. An architect or designer will bring creative vision, a real estate agent can impress you with you how much money you could make, but only a civil engineer will be able to tell you if any of it is possible. 

Maintenance strategy development

Do not just end the contract with your engineer once they have completed the job. You can keep them on board to develop the best long term maintenance strategy for your bridge, home or office building. Tapping into this source of knowledge regularly will keep your project as efficient as possible, and let you hear about the latest technological developments which will increase the life span on your work.

Sustainable developments

Civil engineers have an unique understanding of the impact of their work on the natural environment. Bring them in at the design stage to help you create a project which is as energy efficient as possible, and you will be able to increase your long term cost efficiency, as well as increase your green credentials.

Legal clout

In the unfortunate situation that something has gone wrong on your project, whether during the construction phase or year afterwards, any civil engineers will be able to provide their insight and help build up a defence your case by acting as a witness in a court case. This will help you provide authority, and get the right outcome from any case. If you do not utilise their expertise, the people on the other side will!


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Choosing the Right Material For a Construction Project

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