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Choosing the Right Material For a Construction Project

Home Building: 3 Areas of the Home You Should Invest In

by Frank Lynch

If you are planning to have a custom home constructed, it is unlikely that you will have access to an unlimited budget. This means that you will need to make decisions about which areas of your home you invest more money in at the expense of other areas. This is a careful balancing act, but it is important that you get it right. Failure to properly allocate money to vital parts of your home could result in problems further down the line. Below is a guide to 3 things that you should not skimp on when planning and constructing your new home.

The Floors

The floors in any home will tend to take a real beating. Think about it for a moment, just how many steps do you take around your home in a single day. Now, imagine multiplying that by the number of days in a year or the number of years in a decade. If you decide to try and save money by asking the home builders to install cheap vinyl floor panels, this is likely to come back to bite you later on as you will need to spend even more money having the flooring repaired or replaced when it becomes worn or damaged. Instead, you should opt for high-quality flooring such as treated timber, which not only looks great but is also extremely durable.

The Bathroom

A bathroom which has been kitted out with cheap plastic fittings will soon show its age. Like the floors in your home, the bathroom is going to be used every day. Furthermore, the moist conditions created by a shower or bath mean that this is an area where discolouration and mould can be a real issue. To combat these issues, you should work with your home builder to ensure that only the highest quality fixtures and fittings are installed in your bathroom. You should also ensure that the bathroom has an extractor fan and large window to help remove moisture.

The Storage Spaces

When designing the home of your dreams, it is easy to focus on big-ticket items such as the kitchen and the lounge area. While these areas will play a key role in your family life, it is essential that you do not overlook the humble storage cupboard or closet. While storage is quite a boring and unsexy area to have to worry about, it is also vital if you want to live in a home which is not full of clutter and mess. Ideally, you should ensure that each room which isn't the kitchen or bathroom (which of course need additional storage for pots, pans and towels, etc.) has a least one storage closet. 

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Choosing the Right Material For a Construction Project

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