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Choosing the Right Material For a Construction Project

3 Options Available To You When Your Residential Project Requires Excavation

by Frank Lynch

As long as you require some form of construction project on your property, from shed construction to even the creation of a pond, then you most likely require excavation services. Excavation, in essence, is the process in which land is made flat and smooth by the elimination of all debris, structures and anything else that could have a negative effect on the stability of the new project. However, while a good number of people presume that excavation exclusively entails the use of a bulldozer or a backhoe, this is not correct! While these types of equipment are commonplace in a good number of excavation projects, it should be noted that the type of excavation will dictate the equipment and tools utilised. The following article highlights three options available to you when your residential project requires excavation.

1. Land clearing

Indubitably, land clearing is one of the more common excavation options, so it is employed on a majority of construction sites. Also referred to as topsoil excavation, it entails the removal of the upper layers of the earth and anything else that could be in it. Thus, with land clearing, you are guaranteed that all kinds of obstacles that could be in the way of your construction project, such as boulders, roots, shrubbery and so on, are eliminated. Land clearing not only makes the site smoother but also enhances the visual appeal of the area surrounding the site prior to construction.

2. Dredging excavation

Dredging refers to the process of removing matter underwater and is usually not a common form of excavation for residential projects. Thus, as stated earlier, excavation would be essential for homeowners that want to construct a pond on their property. But if the pond starts to become shallow due to accumulated sediment, dredging helps with the elimination of this sediment and restoring the depth of the pond!

3. Trench excavation

As the name implies, this type of excavation focuses on creating trenches; thus, the excavated site is characterised by being long and deep. Trench exaction will typically be performed in tandem with the construction of living spaces. For instance, if you are having the property excavated because you want a custom home built, you will enlist trench excavation for the placement of plumbing hardware, utility lines and so on. Trench excavation is also pertinent when you are constructing on flat land since the trenches can be utilised as drainage channels! Thus, if you are constructing a shed or any other secondary structure on your property, it is advisable to opt for trench excavation so that your new building is not vulnerable to water damage.



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Choosing the Right Material For a Construction Project

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