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Choosing the Right Material For a Construction Project

3 Important Features for Custom Wardrobes

by Frank Lynch

Apart from the bed, a wardrobe is perhaps the most significant piece of furniture that you will find in a bedroom. The best thing about custom-made wardrobes is the fact that they are made to suit your personal preferences to the last detail.

Considering that custom-made wardrobes are a relatively pricey investment, you need to ensure that you get maximum value for your money.

Here are three key features you should consider for your custom wardrobes.

The Sliding Door

Bedroom wardrobes can either have hinged doors that open outwards or they can have sliding doors that slide to one or both sides just as their name suggests.

Wardrobes with hinged doors are the traditional type of wardrobe. The main problem with hinged doors that open outwards is that you need to have sufficient clearance space for the opening and closing of the door.

A sliding door eliminates the need for such clearance room, and it is the most viable alternative if you do not have a large bedroom. Apart from this, sliding doors on wardrobes are the current trend in wardrobe design because they make wardrobes look sleek and unobtrusive.

The Perfect Fit

Another great feature you should consider for your custom-made wardrobes is the kind of fit that the wardrobes should have once installed.

A floor-to-ceiling wardrobe is a great way to achieve a perfect fit with your custom-made wardrobes. One of the main advantages of a floor-to-ceiling wardrobe is the fact that they are easier to keep clean since the top of the wardrobe is not left exposed as is often the case with ready-made wardrobes.

The top part of the wardrobe often acts as a point of accumulation for dust and dirt, making it necessary to clean the wardrobe every so often in order to keep it clean. Because floor-to-ceiling wardrobes do not have an exposed upper surface, they do not attract as much dust and dirt and they are easier to keep clean.

The Personalised Handle

What good is a custom-made wardrobe without a little personalisation? Why not choose to have your initials imprinted or engraved on the wardrobe handles as a way of adding that unique personal touch to your custom-made wardrobes? It will only cost you a few extra dollars but it will make your wardrobes stand out as a bespoke item of furniture.

After all, personalisation is the primary advantage that custom-made wardrobes present over their ready-made equivalent.


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Choosing the Right Material For a Construction Project

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