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Choosing the Right Material For a Construction Project

Tips for Choosing the Tiles for Your New Bathroom

by Frank Lynch

One of the major design components that impact a bathroom's ambience is the tiles. However, it can be tricky to settle on their colour and design with so many available options. To help, here are several bathroom renovation tiling tips.

Feature Tiles

To add personality, you might consider feature tiles. In the past, decorative tiles may have been laid in a horizontal row or scattered randomly among plain tiles. However, you can use feature tiles in other interesting ways.

In a rectangular bathroom, choose a short end wall for special treatment. Rather than cover the whole wall, create a vertical feature panel. You could lay a relatively thin stripe using shiny silver metallic tiles that match the chrome hardware. Otherwise, vertically divide the short wall into three sections and set feature tiles down the middle part. You could also continue the unique tiles across the flooring.

Other spots to consider for feature bathroom tiles are the splashback or on either side of the mirror, which will create a natural framing effect. To balance the room, you might repeat a feature panel in another part of the room so that the two areas echo each other.

Faux Timber

A bathroom is one of the last places you probably want to lay wooden planks, as a humid environment can cause wood to rot or warp. However, you can enjoy a warm timber-clad wall or floor by using faux timber ceramic tiles instead. They're often embossed with a grainy wood texture for a lifelike impression. Opt for large format tiles in a plank shape to add to the illusion. You could instal a faux timber wall behind a bath to create a warm, peaceful environment for bathing.

Choosing an Aesthetic

You might know the kind of look you're after. But if you don't, a mood board may help you discover your preferences. Cover it with your favourite bathroom pictures. After a while, a theme may emerge. Do the images feature earthy, subdued colours like those found in nature? Or are the designs full of colourful patterned tiles in bold blue, tan and white? You might realise that you prefer a Mediterranean theme of terracotta shades. 

A bathroom is all about running water. Do the pictures of bathrooms have an aquatic motif of sea greens and blues? A mood board will help you get specific and outline what hues and styles you like in tiling. For more information about bathroom tiles, contact a contractor.


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Choosing the Right Material For a Construction Project

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