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Choosing the Right Material For a Construction Project

Commercial Project Management Tips

by Frank Lynch

One of the challenges you will experience when managing a commercial construction project is that too many activities happen every minute. As such, there is a likelihood that you could make oversights that could slow down the project or lead to losses. If you are in charge of a commercial project, this article contains valuable commercial project management tips. 

Strictly Work With Professionals

When managing a construction project, the underlying principle is to always work with professionals. Shortcuts could prove expensive in the long run. For instance, the building could be declared inhabitable or need costly repairs. When hiring construction professionals such as surveyors, engineers, architects and builders, conduct thorough background investigations to ensure that they are the best fit for the project. An advantage of dealing with accredited and licenced professionals is that they have liability insurance that guarantees compensation if the building develops defects due to errors in judgement, oversights and poor workmanship. 

Employee Welfare 

Assess the needs of employees as they work at the site. For instance, do they have adequate insurance? In most cases, the building contractor takes workers compensation insurance to cover their employees. However, if you have subcontractors at the site, insist that they have the coverage. 

Each of the teams should have a team leader that directly reports to you. It helps ease communication at the site. Besides, it prevents conflicts among the various teams. For instance, plant operators could be worried that truck drivers are driving too close to the plant equipment. In this case, you could call the team leaders and develop strategies to resolve the impasse. 


Safety is an underrated yet vital aspect of managing a commercial construction project. Failure to abide by construction safety regulations could land you in trouble with the local authorities. Therefore, barricade the site, integrate a traffic control system, provide employees with protective gear, use quality height safety equipment and inspect plant equipment after every shift. 

Create Comprehensive Budgets 

The secret to ensuring an accurate budget is asking at least two independent quantity surveyors to draw the construction costs. Their figures will help you ascertain the average construction costs. Moreover, you need to consider professional fees such as engineering and architectural charges. Manage the budget by indicating how much you spend on each activity. Review the budget regularly to know if you need extra funding or saved cash. It helps you determine the possibility of completing the project without exceeding the budget. If you need additional financing, try to minimise expenses. For instance, you could opt for recycled steel or internal fixtures to save construction costs. 

For more information on commercial project management, contact a professional near you.


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Choosing the Right Material For a Construction Project

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